May 13, 2019

InternetNZ is the home and guardian for the .nz domain. Our vision is to create an Internet that is open, secure and for everyone in New Zealand. New Zealand: Internet users | Statista The internet penetration rate in New Zealand is relatively high, following global trends of internet usage. Around 89 percent of the population in New Zealand were active internet users in 2018. New Zealand Internet Users

If you are based anywhere that has restricted Internet access, whether it’s the workplace, school library or just heavily controlled Internet access then Le VPN for New Zealand can help you. By simply connecting to our New Zealand VPN server, you are bypassing all these restrictions and accessing the complete freedom of the Internet.

New Zealand Internet Service Providers (ISPs) List List of internet service providers (ISPs) in New Zealand offering broadband, Fibe Broadband, Dial up internet, narrowband, Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G mobile internet, Wi-MAX, DTH services using cable, DSL, wireless, mobile and dial-up in New Zealand, Wellington and other nearest regions. Living in New Zealand | New Zealand is an exciting collaboration between New Zealand’s Community Access Media Alliance that makes their richly-diverse media content available to the world. Explore hundreds of podcasts that represent our diverse community, with many focusing on issues of culture, language, politics, gender, health and disability, children and youth and religious belief.

NZ’s internet is faster than ever, but a digital nation Schools are overwhelmingly connected to fibre: 99.7% of New Zealand school students access the internet via fibre thanks to the Network 4 Learning, and data usage is at record levels.