* Mockingbirds mimic the calls of other birds. A large part of Littlefinger’s rise to power up to this point has involved him “mimicking” the behaviors of other houses, getting them to see him as “one of them.” Catelyn thinks of him as a brother.

Petyr Baelish. 3,435 likes · 3 talking about this. of his family sigil. A short man of slender build, with handsome features, Petyr has gray-green eyes, a small pointed beard on his chin, and threads of grey running throughout his dark hair.[1] Petyr was born to a small and insignificant house, spending most of his adult life trying to Amazon.com: Game of Thrones: Littlefinger Mockingbird Pin Mar 06, 2012 Petyr Baelish pushes Lysa through moon door - Game of

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House Baelish of Harrenhal is an extinct noble house that held fealty to House Arryn of the Vale. They ruled Harrenhal and an unnamed castle in the smallest of the Fingers. Petyr Baelish, called "Littlefinger", was the only living member of the house at the beginning of the fourth century. Therefore, his personal sigil has come to be used as the house's main heraldry: a seemingly innocuous House Baelish is a noble house from the Vale.Their seat is an unnamed, old flint tower, which commands no more than a few stony acres on the smallest of the Fingers.House Baelish's smallfolk consists of a village of a dozen families in huts of piled stone beside a peat bog. Jun 17, 2012 · The sigil of House Baelish is a grey stone head with firery eyes on a light green field. However, the current lord of the house, Lord Petyr Baelish, called 'Littlefinger', prefers to use his

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