how to block youtube for certain connected devices

Jun 26, 2019 How to block youtube app – OpenDNS How can I block youtube app on my devices? I have tired which will block it from computers but not ipads etc. I have even tried which is the mobile part and still no luck. Can anyone help me? How to block YouTube in the home network - UNWRITTENS

Fortunately, you CAN block users on YouTube. So here’s how: 1. Make sure you’re logged in your Google account. 2. Go to the profile of the user you want to block. Click his/her name from wherever you see it on YouTube (comments section of a video, or channel). You can search for his name too. 3. Click the “About” option of their profile

how to block youtube for certain connected devices You may use Live Parental Control to block Youtube on certain devices and on a certain time. Add Youtube under Blacklist. See below links for more information: Setting up Live Parental Control . Setting Parental Control Filter level for each device How to block from wifi router - Quora Check if you have parental controls on your router. I have linksys e4200 and can block websites on its parental control. Another sneaky way of doing this on a user's

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