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Jun 02, 2020 Use pfSense as a NTP Server | iceflatline Using pfSense as a NTP server in your network ensures that your hosts always have consistent accurate time and reduces the load on the Internet’s NTP servers. Configuring Windows hosts to utilize this server is straightforward, while configuration under FreeBSD and Linux requires a bit more work. Enable https for Plex Media Server with pfSense Aug 15, 2016 FreeNAS and pfSense - Networking - Linus Tech Tips Oct 15, 2013

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Services — NTP Server | pfSense Documentation The NTP Daemon (ntpd), which can be configured at Services > NTP, allows pfSense® software to act as a Network Time Protocol server for a network, and also keeps the clock in sync against remote NTP servers as an NTP client itself. The Best pfSense Box (Updated 2019) - The Geek Pub Dec 15, 2019

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PFSense - Configure the Browser to use Squid. After finishing installation, you need to learn how to configure the Browse software to use the Pfsense Proxy server. On Mozilla firefox, access the options menu and scroll down until the Network settings area. Configure the proxy configuration, as shown. The Best pfSense Hardware for Businesses - The Geek Pub Dec 15, 2019