Nov 23, 2019

Oct 12, 2013 A History of Censorship: Iran's Religious Dictatorship and A History of Censorship: Iran's Religious Dictatorship and The Ruling Thought Police: Sheida Soleimani: On July 26, 1981, just after Ayatollah Khomeini’s Islamic Republic took control of Iran, Persian poet and playwright Saeed Soltanpour was arrested at his wedding ceremony and taken away. He was executed several weeks later. Iran expands 'smart' Internet censorship - Reuters Dec 26, 2014 Refugee Review Tribunal AUSTRALIA RRT RESEARCH … censorship of both domestic and foreign Internet sites. While Iran does not have Internet-specific regulations for content, the state imposes strong controls on Internet materials under the country’s Press Law. For example, in May 2004, the Prosecutor-General stated that authors of material posted on Web sites created in Iran risked

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Nov 20, 2019

US sanctions Iran minister over internet censorship | The

The Internet censorship system in Iran is one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated in the world. Advances in domestic technical capacity have contributed to the implementation of a centralized filtering strategy and a reduced reliance on Western technologies.