for data reply verification. (2) We propose a privacy-preserving storage scheme, in which only coarse information is disclosed to storage nodes while data can still be processed upon the range query. (3) We introduce an encoding scheme, which allows the sink to verify the reply of a range query with small extra overheads incurred.

EPLQ:EFFICIENT PRIVACY PRESERVING SPATIAL RANGE … preserving tree index structure in efficient privacy preserving location. The detail security analysis will confirm the security properties of efficient privacy preserving location. By performing various experiment we conclude that EPLQ is very efficient in privacy preserving spatial range query over out sourced data. Secure and Privacy-Preserving Data Services in the Cloud A privacy-preserving index for range queries. In VLDB, pages 720–731, 2004. [10] E. Kushilevitz and R. Ostrovsky. Replication is not needed: Single database, computationally-private information retrieval. In FOCS, pages 364–373, 1997. [11] F. G. Olumofin and I. Goldberg. Revisiting the Encrypted Databases: New Volume Attacks against Range Queries We present a range of novel attacks which exploit information about the volume of answers to range queries in encrypted database. Our attacks rely on a strategy which is simple yet robust and effective. We illustrate the robustness of our strategy in a number of ways. Secure Multidimensional Range Queries over Outsourced Data

Encrypted Databases: New Volume Attacks against Range Queries

Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are increasingly involved in many applications. However, communication overhead and energy efficiency of sensor nodes are the major concerns in WSNs. In addition, the broadcast communication mode of WSNs makes the network vulnerable to privacy disclosure when the sensor nodes are subject to malicious behaviours. Based on the abovementioned … Two-Cloud Secure Database for Numeric-Related SQL Range various numeric-related range queries. Security analysis shows that privacy of numerical information is strongly protected against cloud providers in our proposed scheme. Index Terms—database, range query, privacy preserving, cloud computing I. INTRODUCTION T HE growing industry of cloud has provide a …

Specifically, we analyze the data partitioning (bucketization) technique and algorithmically develop this technique to build privacy-preserving indices on sensitive attributes of a relational table. Such indices enable an untrusted server to evaluate obfuscated range queries with minimal information leakage.

Fast Range Query Processing with Strong Privacy Protection such information, a privacy preserving range query scheme should not allow the cloud to infer additional information about the data based on past query results. Besides privacy guarantees, a privacy preserving range query scheme should be efficient in terms of query process-ing time, storage overhead, and communication overhead. Secure range query over encrypted data in outsourced